10 tips for dating an introvert

It makes me feel so relaxed, while the party actually drains me. So, dating introverts is really a great idea, if you enjoy intimacy.


We don't need more people, we just want to be with people we love and enjoy. Contrary to the popular belief, it's rather easy to connect with someone whose personality type features introversion. Just follow these dating tips for introverts , and you will find it even simpler than connecting with their opposition, extraverts.

It works for connecting with any person but especially with ladies of this type. Find some common experience or background fact.

10 Tips To Date An Introvert - Elena's Models

Maybe you both visited Venice, Italy, and both found it either amazing or boring. This could pave the path to gaining mutual trust and understanding.

The more commonalities the better. Introverts need to trust you to be able to allow you closer. They also love knowing as much as possible about you. The typical initial conversations bore us to death.

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We loathe the small talk that gives us no insight into the real person. Find a way to connect on a meaningful level. If you are thinking where to go, smaller and more intimate situations are always more preferable to the ones with lots of people. For example, a visit to museum as opposed to a footy game.

Dating an Introvert: Tips to Help Your Relationship

Or a picnic on a beach or cooking her a dinner at home rather than reserving a table in a popular posh restaurant. It doesn't mean that she won't ever enjoy going to a concert or sporting event. She would love it with someone she knows well and trusts, and can basically put herself in a bubble with among a large crowd.

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  8. My husband makes jokes about me hating to talk on the phone. I do love chatting to him or a close friend on the phone, and can do it for an hour or even longer. This is how that happens. This is a tough one for extroverts because the act of talking helps them think.

    October 22, at 8: February 25, at 6: May 2, at This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for providing this info. May 23, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Although your partner loves you, social interaction with others, including you, can be a bit draining, both mentally and physically.

    Introverts need time to relax by themselves and enjoy their own hobbies independently. They still need you, family and friends in their life, but they also need proper alone time like anyone else.

    10 Things Introverts Need in a Relationship

    The nonstop socializing is definitely not a pastime introverts care to partake in — with or without you. By time limit, I mean the time it takes before an introvert taps out for the day or night.


    You and your introverted partner are out for a day of fun, and a few hours go by. Well, by that time, they might have reached their limit for how long they can spend with others. Understanding this is key to making the relationship work. While some might not agree with this statement, others will. They might feel as though you think they think negatively of themselves, when in reality, it has nothing to do with a negative self-view but more to do with simply being introverted and not always focusing on the self.