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The intent to marry is a key difference between dating and courtship. Dating lacks purpose and direction.

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If you lack purpose and direction, then what are you doing? Dating culture places too much emphasis on physical aspects of a relationship that are really meant for marriage. A dating relationship without a plan for marriage only makes pursuing purity that much harder especially in cohabiting couples. Christian courtship is deliberate and prepares you for a Christ-centered marriage, while dating usually does not.

Even though people who date instead of court end up marrying, the intent to marry is a lot less clear in the beginning. We deserve clarity and directness since relationships require a lot of emotional investment and time commitments. Also, the beginning stages of a relationship build the foundation for the future. Christian courtship strongly emphasizes supporting each other spiritually and focusing on God together. Some might say that you can still have these relationship principles without the courtship name, but by calling it a Christian courtship, you are clearly acknowledging Who is at the center of your relationship Christ and what the purpose of the relationship is marriage.

It is important to note that courtship is not a commitment to marriage. The purpose is to determine whether you two should marry or not. When you start a courtship, you are deciding that you should discern marriage together. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Marry a man who loves Jesus because that man will respect you and will worship with you. So why not seek Him about that too? The Holy Spirit wants to guide you in everything. So let Him guide you before you meet someone, after you meet them, and everything after.

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Pray for wisdom and discernment. Pray for strength as you seek to approach relationships with Christ at the center. God is with you, so let His Spirit be the One to guide you, revealing to you who you should or should be investing in! Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. He knows his strengths and his weaknesses. He knows what areas he thrives in and what areas he needs to grow in.

He knows everything that needs to happen in his life prior to meeting you. Strongly, healthy Christ-centered relationships take time and spiritual maturity. Waiting on this can be hard, but the reward is worth it.

Pray that God strengthens him in all the areas where he needs to grow prior to entering a relationship with you. Find peace in knowing that God is preparing both you and him for the future He has in store for you. Then date people that are on the same journey as you are. Leading people on sucks. If they really loved you they would respect your values and protect your personhood.

Things to always remember

Best friends make great lovers and amazing marriages. Kind, self-aware, emotionally intellect people make great life companions. Hopefully you can live up to the task because being god to someone is an impossible task. Communicate, about how you feel, what you believe and what you love. Telling the person what they want to hear undermines the purpose of dating.

A fall is an accident, not a act of your will. If you fall once, chances are you will fall again for someone else. If you do fall in love you will need to grow in love because what you did on accident you will need to do on purpose. Wherever you are in this, continue to remind yourself, daily, that with or without a soulmate, a boyfriend, or a husband, you are loved by Jesus.

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Let this sustain you when you feel dumb for caring about him when he has already seemed to move on. Guys are not evil. They are broken sinners who, just like us, are in need of a loving Savior.

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However, whatever each individual guy is struggling with, you cannot allow those struggles to affect what you know to be true:. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. He may be your best friend, that you can talk to about anything. He may be a good friend at church with whom you have a lot in common with. Invest in your relationship with Jesus more than any other.

Let His love make your heart full. By shoving it down your throat or making sin mainstream.

God Creates Things [Written By Discord]

Remember that type of sin put Christ on the cross as all sin do. And Christ cannot and will not start giving pass for sin. Plus He promised a big mansion and lots of rewards in heaven in your name if you do as He says and live for him.